Дружба маленьких и хороших

Friendship of small and good

I've been wondering for a long time what kind of secret the Scandinavians know, that whatever they undertake, everything turns out great. Here, for example, children's literature - every work is the highest standard! And Niels, and Mumiki, and Findus, and Andersen's fairy tales, and all of Astrid Lindgren... And Tutta Karlsson and Ludwig the Fourteenth are no exception: this is a wonderful fairy tale about the friendship of a fox and a chicken. Their families don't accept this friendship at first and do their best to forbid communication, but kindness wins in the end, of course! The book is written in simple language and will be understandable to children from the age of 4. As for the riddle of the Scandinavians, so far I have come up with only this answer: their standard of living has long been very high, so you can not think about everyday moments, but focus on the beautiful - literature, art , design, science and other really interesting things Something like this.

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