Как правильно готовиться к Рождеству

How to properly prepare for Christmas

First of all, we write a letter to Santa Claus. He is happy with any messages - letters, drawings, collages - he will receive everything, read it, and hang the best letters on the wall. And be sure to answer! Address: Père Noël, Pôle Nord, H0H0H0. There is no need to glue the stamp: the postman delivers letters to Santa Claus for free.

For those who do not want to be limited to traditional letters, Santa Claus sends video messages. In English, French, Spanish and Italian. He will personally address the child by name, praise him for what the child managed to do in the past year and congratulate him on the upcoming New Year. https://www.portablenorthpole.com/fr/home

Then, welcome to the house of the elves. You will have to put up with their pranks (at night they will hide spoons, hang socks on the chandelier, turn chairs upside down, swap salt and sugar and do other stupid things), but in order for you to forgive them, every day they will leave small gifts.

And finally, we take out books from the shelf that will help create a festive mood. "The Nutcracker", "The Snow Queen", "Frost" - magical, snowy, sparkling and as New Year's as possible!

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