Каникулы на даче

Holidays in the country

On the Island of Saltkrok is not Astrid Lindgren's most famous novel, it doesn't have dizzying adventures or pranks like in Pippi and Emil, you won't laugh at it like at Carlson, it doesn't really happen here at all many events. This novel is about how a family with four children rents a house on an island in the Baltic Sea and spends the summer there. Actually, all the events are not beyond the experience of most children who spend holidays in the country: they go boating, form secret societies, do not return home on time, play with animals, and grow, grow! And adults at this time are establishing a dacha life and rethinking life.

So, there are four children in the family, but there is no mother, the role of mother is played by the older sister, who is 19 years old. She takes care of her father and three younger brothers, one seven-year-old and two teenagers. They all find company on the island, and in the course of the story, the emphasis shifts from one age to another, so that there are no key and secondary characters, as well as key events, in the book. The protagonist here is life itself: both children and adults, and animals, and nature, and the old manor, and events, events go on as usual, joy and sadness go hand in hand, warm days are replaced by rainy ones, pleasant adventures are replaced by troubles, holidays, love, worries, tears...

This book evokes memories of summer at the dacha, glassed-in terraces, cool nights, fragrant herbs of meadows, neighbors from other plots, and - so strange! - it leaves a feeling of warmth and at the same time coolness, freshness, something close and understandable and at the same time elusive. Everything seems to be shrouded in a light haze, but it seems to be crystal clear. Grandmaster Astrid Lindgren.

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