Мир идей и вещей

World of ideas and things

We live in the world of things (Perelmans who do not need the blessings of the earth are extremely few among us, so we do not take them into account). Someone needs expensive clothes, someone needs travel, others need concerts, books, music, sports, many women are ready to spend all available funds on personal care. Children love toys, sweets, entertainment. Everything needs money, even the most spiritual food (tickets to the Nutcracker, huh!). We have been told for so long that money is not the main thing, you can even say that the subtext was "money is bad." Materialism was stigmatized, and the population stood in lines and went to all sorts of tricks to get the desired things. And then it suddenly turned out that after all, money is generally almost the most important thing, in any case, it is one of the few components of a happy life.
We are sometimes surprised by the attitude of modern children to things: it is difficult to surprise them with gifts, they do not save toys, and they also choose sweets! How? How can candy taste bad?! As a child, I was happy with any candy, I ate the Jupi instant drink dry with a spoon, because it was sweet, and if in the Children's World my mother offered to buy me a typewriter, I would agree, because it’s in In any case, a toy, that is, by definition, a necessary thing! Our parents and we, together with them, could stand in line for several hours for shoes that had to be worn carefully for a couple of seasons, so that they could then be handed over almost in their original form to their younger sister, and modern children kill shoes in a month so that they can only be thrown away. Clothes are torn and dirty every day, toys are mercilessly broken and lost, sweets are the logical conclusion of any meal, and not a holiday every six months. For our children, this is a given; they did not know anything else from birth. They can calmly play in the mud and not be afraid to tear their pants, because everyone has a lot of clothes, they don’t fuss over toys, they don’t envy each other, because everyone more or less has everything. They just live and enjoy life without worrying about the little things. So who is more materialistic: a generation that dreams of sausage on holidays, or a generation that grew up surrounded by all sorts of excesses and did not pay much attention to them?
But there are never too many books - it's always like that!

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