Объявляем охоту на пасхальные яйца!

Let's go on an Easter egg hunt!

And congratulations to everyone on the start of the long weekend! For these pre-Easter days, we came up with a new competition. It starts right now and ends at noon on Sunday, April 1st (East Coast).

On our website www.karuselbooks.com we have hidden five Easter eggs, each costs 2 CAD, how many eggs you find, how many dollars you earn, they can be spent in our shop. That is, we provide you with a credit for purchases in this way (valid for orders over $50). We will send a personal discount code to everyone who has found from one to five Easter eggs.

The rules are: find an egg, click "share" on the page where it appeared, and when you decide to end the search (if you find all five, or if you find less, but you get tired of looking further) leave a comment under the post in our group "Book carousel" on Facebook, how many Easter eggs you found. Don't tell others! Share on your page, not in a group. We will see the number of books found on your personal Facebook pages.

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