О божьих тварях

About God's creatures

We recommend everyone who loves animals and and is interested in the world around them in general to get acquainted with this book. It is about how two children and professor of biology, having decreased several hundred times, traveled through the world of insects and plants hidden from human eyes. The author is originally from Latvia, so his name, Jan Larry, suggests that this is a translated work, but no, it is in the original written in Russian. In beautiful Russian. The book is voluminous, it is a whole novel, the adventures of children keep the reader in suspense from the first to the last page. Ian Larry and himself was a biologist by education, so here is a million of the most interesting information about spider bugs, herbs, mushrooms, and in general about the structure of the world. This is one of those works, after getting acquainted with which and you want to go into science.

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