Пора развлекаться по-летнему!

It's time for some summer fun!

“Our northern summer is a caricature of southern winters”, so every fine day counts, and I want to spend it as brightly as possible. Now I'll tell you about our exclusively summer activities with children (which, among other things, look great in photographs ;)

In the first place we have picnics, we turned this festive event into an everyday one. It turns out that this is a great alternative to boring walks on the playgrounds and more expensive entertainment such as rides. All you need is bedding and a supply of the most ordinary food: sandwiches, fruits, cookies. We take books, badminton, a ball with us and spend several happy hours filled with light and warmth in the park, alternating between snacks, reading and outdoor games. And we also go on a picnic with a kite - that's the same thing as summer entertainment. You run barefoot on the grass, catch the breeze and admire Batman hovering against the high sky and white clouds - just the quintessence of a happy childhood!

We had one of the most interesting adventures in the city when we arranged a small quest for the children on the street. They drew a treasure map that started from the house and led to a sandbox full of buried treasures: gold-painted pebbles, glass marbles and similar beautiful small things. Even a seven-year-old child selflessly dug in the sand with a scoop in search of treasure.

Did you make "secrets" as a child? This is when you dig a hole in the ground, put in it, like a magpie, all the most beautiful things in this world - a candy wrapper, sequins, a flower - and cover it with glass on top. My children and I have never done this before, but we need to try it - I wonder if today's youth will appreciate the full power of these works of art.

About the same format, creativity is a frozen herbarium. We collect small bright flowers and leaves, put them in ice molds and freeze them. It turns out very fresh and avant-garde. And summery.

Once we were celebrating a children's birthday in the park, and it was very hot. Therefore, we all just went with a bang to the war with balloons filled with water: pour so much water into the balloon so that it turns out to be the size of a fist and tie it tightly - the bomb is ready, imagine how bright, wet and fun it is! Children against adults - attack!

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