Почему дети не читают

Why don't kids read

When I was six years old and still out of school, I read Dunno by myself, all parts. I had such a thick green book, almost without pictures, and in the summer I sat on the sofa all day and read it. I wonder why my kids can't do that?

The truth is that when I was six years old and didn't go to school yet, I spent the whole summer with my grandmother in the country. Parents came for the weekend, there were no friends around, there was no TV, and what’s there, we didn’t even have electricity. There was Dunno, and I read it.

My children have educational games, trips, holidays, tablets and cartoons. They wouldn't be interested in that thick green book. In general, they are unlikely to read most of the books that I read as a child - whether for pleasure or for the school curriculum. But that doesn't mean they won't read. They will read - differently and in a different way - and most likely, much more than I did in my time. They are five and three, and we have already read Dunno (a big beautiful picture book), however, they did not really like it. Barto and the Brothers Grimm, Bianki and Krylov - all by.

Favorite characters from their childhood are The Gruffalo, Curious George, Carlchen, Lunar Baby, Gerald the Giraffe, Russell the Sheep, Shmyak the Kitten, and many, many others, most of whom I met at the same time as my children. We read a lot and with pleasure, we have five bookcases at home, and the children compete with each other for the right to choose a book for the night. And then another. And one more. And further. And - mom, you fall asleep again, mom, don't sleep, mom, read, read, read!

My kids don't read because they're so smart, and not because I force them to, but because they're interested. Correctly chosen modern books with colorful author's illustrations, high-quality translation and an interesting plot will not leave any child indifferent.

And we're working hard to help you make that choice. What kind of books do your kids love? Write to us in the comments, we are very interested.

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