Такие мужественные девочки

Such courageous girls

In my opinion, a significant drawback of many Soviet works for children is their propaganda nature. It is clear that the entire system of education and upbringing was built on raising the younger generation in the spirit of socialism, and fiction could not stand aside, it’s not even this fact that annoys me, but a fair amount of aggression present in children’s books. But I still read them to my child, and "Three Fat Men", and "The Kingdom of Crooked Mirrors", and not everyone knows "Patchwork and the Cloud". I am writing about these three, because they turned out to be surprisingly similar in both the plot and the message: there is a kind of fairy-tale kingdom where, because of evil and greedy rulers, everything goes wrong, the rich get richer, ordinary people work hard, but only suffer and get poorer . But there are heroes (children! girls!) Who save everyone, and in all three works these girls make the most dangerous sorties into the palaces of the rulers, and work under cover behind enemy lines. In general, about aggression, yes, I read them to a child, because the plot is interesting and well written, and I specifically focus on dubious moments, I allow myself, so to speak, to disagree with the author. Well, what if it helps to form critical thinking?
So that's about Patchwork, if you haven't read it. This is complete postmodernism: the main character is a cloud, it takes the form of a lion, a chicken, a dress, a watch, a beard ... His mood also changes, he is thrown into heat, then into cold, he is either hysterical, then offended, then falls into euphoria, and the girl Loskutik adapts to the situation. All in all, a very unusual children's book. The plot is based again on social injustice: the king appropriated all the water, sells it for a lot of money, and it never even rained in this state. And here is the cloud! The evening ceases to be languid... If you like palace intrigues with the protagonist girl, take note.

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