Сентябрьский розыгрыш!

September giveaway!

Summer is over, school has begun. It's time to update the children's library on the eve of long and rainy autumn evenings :) And we have just prepared a surprise for you! For all orders placed from September 15 to September 30, we will glue vintage stamps from the Wizard of Oz collection. When you receive your order, be sure to take a photo of the stamp or save the packaging! After all, on October 10 we will hold a drawing, and the winner will receive a gift certificate for an amount equivalent to the amount of the order!

How does it work? We have two identical sets of stamps. We glue the stamp to order and put its duplicate in the box. On October 10, we will rummage through the box and pull out the winning stamp. We will publish the results of the draw on our Facebook page. If you are lucky and your brand has won, send us a photo of it to info@karuselbooks.com and we will send you a certificate!

Good luck to everyone, let's go!

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