Добавьте в свою жизнь щепотку магии

Add a pinch of magic to your life

You will be enchanted by this book as soon as it falls into your hands - it is so beautiful! The book has no illustrations, but is so elegantly designed, as if you were holding some precious thing in your hands. Magic stylish cover with gold embossing, colored edge, white paper - you can safely take it as a gift for a girl aged 8-14.
The cover is bright, but inside the surroundings are gloomy: it all begins at dusk, on a foggy autumn evening, and continues the same way. The action takes place on a godforsaken archipelago somewhere in the northern seas. There is a prison here, an ancient tower that has a bad reputation, and the contingent here is appropriate... Among this grayness, three sisters, six, thirteen and fifteen years old, live with their grandmother, an innkeeper. Cheerful and full of hope to one day break out into the big world. But then they find out that they will never be able to do this, because a curse has been placed on their family: all the women of their family are forever doomed to live in this crow's nest.
There is a curse - there must be an antidote, the girls decide and go in search of it. Not unarmed, of course. They own three magical objects: a bag that transports its owner through time and space; nesting dolls - put your hair in them and become invisible; magic mirror - it will provide video communication with anyone.
They have to deal with prisoners and wander through the fog on a boat between dull islands. They will have to deceive their grandmother, run away from their jailers, and take risks. They will be on the brink of death and on the brink of love. They will even visit the past and meet their young witch great-grandmother, who started this whole mess.
Everything will end happily, without losses. Justice will be restored, mistakes will be corrected, and the sisters will once again be glad that they have each other.

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