Блестящая серия

Brilliant series

It’s a hot day, a green lawn, me and five children (the neighbors came running) are sitting on a garden swing. There is a trampoline nearby, a large swimming pool with warm water, water pistols, multi-colored capitol balls, but all these summer joys are idle: we are reading “Isadora Moon”! Both girls and boys prick up their ears, crane their necks and look into the book.

“Everyone can be unique!” - this is the motto of this girl, whose mother is a fairy and her father is a vampire. Isadora loves to dance like a beautiful fairy, but wants to wear a shimmering black one instead of a soft pink tutu like the other fairies. She loves to fly under the moon, but cannot rush through the air as quickly as her vampire peers, she can only flutter. Isadora weaves mossy twigs and fancy mushrooms into cute floral wreaths. Teachers and relatives gently insist that it is time to decide who she is. It’s not easy for Isadora, but deep down she feels her right to be the one and only.

But even the best educational background cannot lure children, so why is my gang so carried away by these books?

Firstly, because they look incredibly cute: small format, with black and pink illustrations, with glitter on the cover. Some kind of licorice sticks.

The content is just as tasty, with beautiful details, an interesting plot, and a magical setting. Two aesthetics - pink girly and mystical night - combine so bombastically that you want to be inside this story yourself. Here they conjure cakes with a magic wand, sparkles burst out of chimneys, trained bats fly by, rubies flicker in the dusk.

And also interactive. Each book has several pages dedicated to communication with readers. At the beginning of the book, the characters ask questions about their favorite dish, pets, holidays, answer them themselves and invite the reader to fantasize. And at the end of the book there are tests, recipes, and crafts.

We are so carried away by this Isadora that the children are now begging me to make a themed quest for them. And I'm glad. As soon as I imagine that I will sprinkle everything with glitter, wrap it in black organza and collect pink bouquets, I just can’t wait to recreate this enchanting world myself.

One wave of the magic wand - and you are in sparkling pollen!

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