Чик и Брики

Chick and Bricks

We know Axel Scheffler well from his illustrations for The Gruffalo and other books by Julia Donaldson. His characters turned out to be so beautiful and bright that they became iconic in children's literature, and last year the UK even issued stamps to commemorate the 20th anniversary of the creation of The Gruffalo. Germany did the same, because the artist lives in England, but is of German origin.
But today about Scheffler’s other heroes - Chick the bunny and Brikey the mouse. The age of these characters is approximately the age of three-year-old children. They come up with games together, experience sorrows, learn to be friends, be tactful, and support each other. There is little text here, but these stories are capacious, giving a lot of reasons for discussion with kids, and at the same time they are completely devoid of edification.
In our store we have this series in two versions: hard cover on coated paper and cardboard books. Both versions are very well published; in books with the same names, the pictures and text are completely identical

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