Продолжение серии про старичков-сластён

Continuation of the series about old people with a sweet tooth

Many people fell in love with the chocolate grandfather, so the marmalade grandmother did not hesitate to appear on the world stage - welcome! The grandmother is not seen in any relationship with the grandfather, she is a self-sufficient woman, and the book is an independent work without crossovers.
The action now takes place not in Norway, but in sunny Portugal, the grandmother has three twin granddaughters. Grandma makes the most delicious marmalade (read: jam) in the world from lemons, pears and figs, from blueberries and pineapples, from carrots and tomatoes, even from onions. In short, any fruit in the skillful hands of a pastry chef can turn into a jar of delicious marmalade.
And this old lady also has the magical gift of teleporting with a sneeze. You can’t go to another city like that, but you can move short distances, and this greatly helps the four heroines in their travels. And they will have to travel throughout the country. No one suspected that an ordinary walk into the forest for nuts would turn into an exciting chase for a stolen rare butterfly, taming a tiger, a sardine festival, flying and swimming in a mill, spending the night in a huge hollow, riding an angry bull... This fairy tale is eventful, waiting for you many, many colorful, dangerous and sweet adventures.
(By the way, keep in mind that marmalade is best eaten as a bite with goat cheese).

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