Папин дракон

Daddy's dragon

Not a parable. Not psychedelic. Not emotional intelligence.
What then??
Rarity: just the cutest and funny fairy tale!
A boy (for a number of reasons) went to a wild island, lost in the ocean, in order to save a baby dragon who had been enslaved by local animals, kept on a rope and used as a shuttle to cross the river.
The brave traveler took the essentials for the trip: a toothbrush and paste, a comb, six magnifying glasses, magic chewing gum, colorful ribbons and lollipops. All this will be useful to him, because every animal on the island has its own problems, and they have to be solved. Evil tigers, a shaggy lion, hungry crocodiles - everyone will receive something as a gift from Elmer Alexander.
Forward into the dense jungle, and along the way we will eat sweet tangerines!
"Daddy's Dragon" for preschoolers and primary schoolchildren - HERE

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