Пёс в мешке

Dog in a bag

"What I like about black swans is their red nose. However, this has nothing to do with our story."
"The Adventures of Vasya Kurolesov" is a Soviet children's classic. A detective story with chases, shootouts, police, ambushes and the main character - a simple village guy Vasya, who may not have sparkled with talent, but was distinguished by his courage and natural intelligence.
And it was like this. Once Vasya bought a pig at the market, but at home it turned out that instead of a pig the seller had slipped a dog into his bag. Vasya was very upset and decided to restore justice - to find the fraudster and teach him a lesson. I returned to the market, found the seller, but immediately got into bigger troubles and spent the night in jail, almost getting accused of fraud myself. But nothing, I came out unscathed! Having found a tiny clue in this pig-dog-bag case, he helped the police catch not only a petty swindler, but also an entire gang of bandits.
Yuri Koval tells the story with talent, he is a writer with an excellent style and a subtle sense of humor, he writes briefly and very accurately.

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