Рисуем по клеточкам!

Let's draw according to the cells!

What is the favorite activity in kindergarten for preschoolers?
For some reason, my son’s group has this unexpected thing. The teacher cut regular 12-sheet notebooks in half and distributed one half to each child. And in these mini notebooks they always do only one thing - draw in the cells what the teacher tells them. We put a point, from it we draw a line one cell to the right, three cells down, four to the left, one down...
And the whole group, with their tongues out, quietly listens and draws diligently, because if you make a mistake, the picture won’t come together - it’s a pity!
This activity is so popular with children that our teacher, even during quarantine, conducted it several times on Zoom, and five minutes of deathly silence were interrupted by victorious exclamations of “Snake!” or "Teapot!"...
They say this is a very useful activity, it teaches you to navigate in space and on a sheet of paper, develops accuracy, attentiveness, motor skills (well, the standard set), this is understandable. But what did the children find in him? No bright pictures, no creativity - a simple pencil and a checkered piece of paper, that's all, but - a fact! - they really, really like it!
So we even bought notebooks for the whole group with drawing in the cells. There is no need to voice where to draw the line in them; the child can do it independently, but the principle is similar: you need to redraw the drawing by cells, that is, you also need to navigate where to move next and for how long.
It turned out that the notebooks were good (and the price!), we brought them for the store too - HERE THEY ARE!

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