Даже сказка спать ложится

Even a fairy tale goes to bed

In about five years it will no longer be him, but I, who will wake him up in the morning for school, and he, unable to open his eyes, will mutter: “Just two more minutes.” In twenty years he will dream of taking a half-hour nap after lunch, but now he does everything he can to avoid going to bed. Then, with his children, he will be perplexed, how can you make a row just because you are tired?! You're tired - so lie down and sleep, what could be easier?!

But this will all happen when it happens... And now we’ll put you to sleep in every possible way:

When night falls and a big moon rises in the dark, dark sky, everyone goes to bed... Everyone, except the owl. Or maybe you know someone else who can't sleep? If this is so, then this “Sleeping book” will definitely help him, because everyone sleeps in it, from an elephant to a giraffe... Shhh...

"A Wonderful Train Is Rushing to Sleep" is one of my favorite books for falling asleep. About a wonderful train rushing into the distance, across mountains and bridges, fall asleep, my friend, and you... bright, rhythmic, containing everything that children like so much: here you have dinosaurs, cars, toys, and even ice cream , and all the most pleasant things experienced during the day.

If a child just doesn’t want to fall asleep without his mother, it’s worth reading to him about baby llama, who had similar problems. Mama Llama there popularly explains why she can sometimes be absent.

Good night!

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