Сказки в стиле великих художников

Fairy tales in the style of great artists

What fairy tale would Salvador Dali illustrate?
Which artist would undertake to illustrate Anderson’s “The Little Mermaid”?
And if you had to draw pictures for the dark fairy tale “Bluebeard”, who would you invite?
These unusual books appeared in our store: “Fairy tales in the style of great artists.” Exactly *in style*! Of course, Dali himself did not illustrate Alice in Wonderland, and Picasso did not illustrate The Snow Queen - modern artists did, but it turned out similar: the same palette, details, direction (naturally), recognizable plots.
Using books like these, you can introduce a child to what’s going on in this painting? First read the fairy tales, look at the illustrations, and then compare them with the original. Or not immediately compare, but first offer to guess which of the original paintings are similar to the pictures in the book. Discuss whether the artist's style matches the style of the fairy tale.
It seems to me that everything matches really well, except for one thing. And you? Do you like this idea? Do you feel any dissonance somewhere? Who would you invite to illustrate your favorite fairy tales?
Fairy tales in the style of great artists - here

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