Почувствуйте габариты

Feel the dimensions

When I'm expecting guests, I casually put several interesting books in a prominent place in advance. The kind that are interesting to pick up and just quickly flip through.
For example, some albums or illustrated encyclopedias. Cookbooks are also suitable. They brighten up the wait for guests to have snacks and drinks while the hosts, as always at the beginning of the evening, are bustling around in the kitchen. They also save you from pauses and give ideas for discussions in the first minutes, while conversations are still just getting going.
And this book is just like that, entertaining for everyone, and delighting everyone: adults, children, adult guests, and children of guests! It depicts whole animals or only parts of their bodies in life-size - shark teeth, an elephant foot, a crocodile head, a huge squid eye, a giant (incredibly gigantic!) frog, a tiny cute lemur... You attach different parts of the body to the pictures - and right away you're amazed! In addition to pictures, the book contains interesting rare facts about each animal. For example, can you imagine, an anteater can eat a huge number of termites in one sitting, but he will never completely destroy the colony; he leaves some so that it can recover.
The book is initially large, and even the pages unfold additionally - it becomes simply huge; The illustrations, made using collage technique from paper, look very original and naturalistic; it even seems that you can feel the texture of fur or leather.

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