Для тех, кто любит копнуть поглубже

For those who like to dig deeper

It's about a mouse, but not very fairy-tale-like and not at all childish.

Despero was born too small, with huge ears and also immediately opened his eyes, and the mouse was supposed to be blind for the first days - a real punishment for the parents and a shame for the family. But this could still be survived if not for his crazy ideas: he, you see, became interested in music! I was so carried away that I was ready to go to people for the enchanting sounds. The mouse was born in a castle and instead of avoiding people, he sought to meet them, loved to read their books, and once read some nonsense about love in fairy tales.

And it so happened that Despereaux fell in love with the little mistress of the castle - Princess Pea - with all his heart. I fell in love with Pea so much that he would fall into fire or water, but who is she and who is he? For such unacceptable sentimentality, the entire mouse family took up arms against little Despereaux, not only the supreme mice, but even his own mother and father. Guilty! This means he must be severely punished - exiled to the dungeon of the castle. This is a very terrible punishment, because there is no way back from the dungeon, it is infested with the enemies of mice - rats, Despereaux was doomed to certain death.

And at this time.

Princess Pea was so sweet, and her life from the outside seemed so easy and beautiful that, of course, there was someone who envied the princess, wishing to be in her place. After all, there is nothing difficult about being a princess - just flutter around and change your outfits, you can learn this in a couple of hours, anyone can do it. And so, with the assistance of this envious man, Pea finds himself in the dark labyrinths of a dungeon, from which he cannot escape on his own.

What happened next? What happened next (as before) was difficult, contradictory, and touching. But I won’t lay all the cards on the table 😉

Volume characters, ambiguous situations, controversial actions - all this makes the book deep, makes the reader look at things from different angles, and shows that not everything in this world can be divided into black and white.

The author often turns to the reader, appealing to his life experience, asking for an opinion, urging him to project the situation onto himself (“What words would you like to hear from your mother if you were taken away from her forever?”, “Try imagine that you have lived your whole life in a dungeon").

"The Adventures of Despereaux the Mouse" is not an entertaining book for thoughtful people of primary school age

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