Девочка-ведьмочка Изадора Мун

Witch girl Isadora Moon

Isadora Moon is, as they say now, a cannon! If you have a girl in mind from 5 to 10, you definitely (really definitely!) need to get involved.
These are extremely interesting books with children's favorite stories: pajama parties, amusement parks, birthday parties and so on. All the books in the series have an unobtrusive but convincing educational moment - you need to try to be yourself, a person is valuable as he is. The books are written simply, but not primitively, everything is in order with the language and translation. Jewelry editions: small neat format, hard cover, thick white offset, many illustrations, glitter on the cover.
But the most important thing, in my opinion, is the extraordinary atmosphere, because Isadora’s mother gravitates towards flower wreaths, beads, cakes, picnics on the grass and pours magic from a magic wand; and dad flies across the night sky in a black raincoat, drinks tomato juice, loves rubies and takes care of his hair.
Black or pink? Cute or elegant? Golden rays of the sun or the sparkle of silver stars? What is closer to you, girls?
The whole series about the witch girl - here

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