Горячие северные боги

Hot northern gods

It is advisable to know the myths of the peoples of the world at least in general terms, don’t you agree? There are a lot of references to mythology in both classical and modern art and culture. But their full text is often tedious reading: the wild number of characters makes it difficult to understand the intricacies of family ties; the motives and actions of the ancients drive modern man into a stupor; gods ex machina just rain down on the poor head of the unsuspecting reader...
It’s good that there is an adaptation of myths for children, where all these rough edges are smoothed out. We read Scandinavian myths with the whole family, and this is definitely one of the most vivid impressions in our literary life! They turned out to be extremely exciting, driving and... funny! Yes, we laughed heartily and for several months now every now and then we hear quotes in our house and “remember how Loki...”, “remember how Thor...”
Scandinavian mythology turned out to be super fascinating, it is in no way inferior to Greek, and the gods of Olympus often smoke on the sidelines compared to their northern colleagues. The most cheerful character who sets the tone is the goofy Loki, he’s bored of sitting around doing nothing, and he either makes the first beautiful goddess bald, or turns into different animals (then a baby boom begins in the whole area, but the babies are not born very well pleasant), and once he even dressed up Thor himself as a bride and sent him behind enemy lines (there was no particular need, it was purely for myself, to laugh). And so he smokes mischief non-stop, and everyone else takes it easy, but for some reason they can’t seriously hit Loki in the neck.
The world order of these myths is very interesting, and what beautiful names, just look: the tree of life Igdrassil, the world of the gods Asgard, the world of other lesser-known gods Vanaheim, the world of people Midgard. Well, Valhalla, of course, is also from this opera.
There are questions about the illustrations in this book: why was it necessary to make them in anime style? Not clear.
Everything else is wonderful: excellent presentation, dynamic, clear, in simple and good language. Large font, thick white offset, hardcover, thick book, medium format.

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