Учимся читать

Learning to read

How good it is to be able to read! But how difficult it is to teach and learn this :( Not only technically, but also morally: the child gets tired quickly, is distracted, fidgets, the parent forces him, is nervous, does not understand how one can not distinguish “M” from “I.” And this endless trade:
- Also this paragraph.
- No, I’ll just be this little one.
- Until the end of the page.
- No, only up to this point!
- Mom, I'm so tired that I can't even read.
- Kitten, it’s only 10 am...
I want to share our life hack. From a very early age, my child loved to swing on the swing, so he could just hang out for hours until he took it off. This bothered me: firstly, instead of moving and communicating, he sits still; secondly, it was very annoying to download it, it’s boring. And then I decided that this could no longer be done, it was a sin to waste time, and we began to fly around the entire solar system on a swing; at two years old, my son already knew the names, sizes and colors of all the planets; Then we flew by plane across the continents, studied their flora and fauna; and then I printed out cards with letters. M is for Mazda, I am for Jaguar, and my car fan pretty quickly associated the squiggle on paper with the make of the car in my mind. And then she drives by - it’s secured!
Perhaps you also have processes that could use some diversification? For example, does your child eat slowly, and unobtrusively learning letters while eating could add pleasant variety to your breakfasts, lunches and dinners? Or are you used to swimming for a long time? So there is a place to stick magnetic letters in the bathroom too!
And when we learned all the letters, we switched to comic books: short phrases supported by pictures - just what we needed to get started. So we slowly switched to serious literature, although, of course, I still have a few more years to read books out loud before bed.

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