Игра "Макроскоп"

Game "Macroscope"

What is in the mysterious box: a piece of cheese, a shark, a diamond ring? Or maybe there's a fire burning there?
A macroscope is a device in the form of a box with holes, which players must assemble before starting the game. You need to put a stack of cards in it, which depict a variety of objects. During the game, players will open various holes in the macroscope and look through them at fragments of pictures. The goal is to guess what is shown. It happens that only one eye is open, and it is difficult to guess the picture from such a small area. You can buy yourself the right to open additional holes, or you can refuse a move altogether, and you can also sell your move to another player. The currency here is crystals, they will be counted at the end, you need to accumulate as many of them as possible.
"Macroscope" is a board game with an unusual gameplay, in which adults and children take part on equal terms. The manufacturer sets the age category to “6+”, and this seems to be true. It's difficult for younger people. But it’s much older - please, both teenagers and adults will be interested.
The design of the game is also noteworthy - it is stylish steampunk: wheels, lenses, gears. Well, the transparent crystals, of course, also add charm.
You can watch the game HERE

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