Пропавшая буква

Missing letter

In the best traditions of the adventures of Soviet schoolchildren.

The twins Sasha and Alyosha do not really like to do penmanship, and one day, while doing their homework again, they wished that such a complex letter as “SH” did not exist at all. And then an unknown force transported them to the magical city of Bukvograd.

Letters, numbers and notes live here, life in the city is measured, orderly, everything is clean and clear. The letters are born as small hooks, then becomesticks, at first slanting and crooked, then they grow, straighten out, and become slender and beautiful letters. Each letter has its own name - Astra, Begonia, Twig... Plum, Tulip... The buildings in Bukvograd are called primers, they stand on wide avenues along which arrow-shaped cars rush. There is a wonderful doctor Popravochkin here, he will tell children a wonderful story about drops of health that are scattered everywhere: in morning exercises, in a ray of sunshine, in the fresh air, and in porridge, and in soup, and in a cutlet... Lovely!

But there are also villains in this city: Krivpoch, who loves everything to be done very badly. His minions blot, ooh and ahh. Couple Count, this character cannot live without officialdom, he has everything from here to now, no creativity, he cannot even stand the breath of a fresh breeze.

So, Sasha and Alyosha were transported to this wonderful world, and here they got new names - Saa and Alea. Why, who is to blame, and what to do now?

Let's go in search of the missing letter

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