Как ни воспитывай ребенка, все равно пойдет к психиатру

No matter how you raise a child, he will still go to a psychiatrist

One day a gnome came to Dr. Korczak and fulfilled his cherished wish - he made him a child again.
This book does not have what children love so much: no exciting adventures, no magic, no humor. But the child will probably be pleased to know that there are adults who understand what it’s like to be little. Surely the child will recognize his own experiences in the feelings of the main character and will be glad that there was a person who formulated them.
This book does not contain any instructions for parents on the topic of education. But after reading it, I want to hug my children, ask for forgiveness for the pain caused and finally begin to listen to them. And finally begin to restrain yourself when you want to scold. And eventually begin to enjoy every moment spent together.
The old doctor becomes a schoolboy again and discovers what a huge number of problems, injustices and insults a little man faces every day. What is easily forgiven by an adult is certainly brought to light by a child: “an adult is joking - a child is clowning around, an adult is absent-minded - a child is a bungler, an adult does something slowly - a child is digging.” A little person constantly has to act with an eye on the adult: do they approve of him, are they disappointed in him, and do they even notice him? Does anyone need him? Although, if you make the slightest mistake, they will notice right away, there is no doubt about it. But they may not pay attention to the good.
A child is always afraid of disappointing a significant adult. It hurts a child when they don’t trust him. It hurts a child when parents or teachers laugh at his best feelings and unceremoniously put them on display for everyone to see: he fell in love, he found a protector, he is also my helper.
Janusz Korczak puts into words what hides somewhere very deep in the soul of all children. Times, of course, have changed over 100 years, and parenting methods have become much more humane, but every parent no, no, and includes an “adult”, right?
This incredibly touching story is therapeutic, whether you read it with your child or alone. But it is not for small children - it is from about 10 years old.

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