Oh, Mary!

Oh Mary!

Do you think she's English to the core? But no!

Pamela Travers was born and raised in Australia, but for some reason, having already settled in the UK, she hid her origin. She was generally a dark horse, she refused to talk about her life, there were no diaries or letters left after her.

Like many other children's writers, Travers was not white and fluffy. At the age of 40, she adopted a boy, separating him from his twin brother, and never told him the real story of his life, posing as her own mother. When the adopted son accidentally found out the truth at the age of 17, a huge scandal broke out in their small family, and subsequently the relationship never improved.

Well, Mary is perfection, and although she is also not white and fluffy, who can blame her for this? It is impossible to resist the charms of this strict beauty! Her chiseled figure, black doll-like hair, elegant suit, and suede two-button shoes evoke awe. Her arrogance, sharp tongue and habit of snorting do not irritate, but on the contrary inexplicably attract.

As a child, I often dreamed of finding myself inside beautiful atmospheric paintings or illustrations for fairy tales, and even inside the wallpaper in the nursery (by the way, “children’s” is also from Mary Poppins, before that my room was simply referred to as “small”), and then the chapter “A Hard Day”, where Jane finds herself in the plot of an ancient plate, passes through a sunny meadow into a mysterious stone house covered with ivy - as if the embodiment of my childhood fantasies.

The chapter about the two giantesses who glued golden stars to the sky smelled like gingerbread. Oh, and the golden stars twinkled mysteriously from the gloomy shelves of the tiny pastry shop.

I dreamed that I, like Jane and Michael, would dream of a night in a zoo with talking animals. I was especially fascinated by the episode of how the snake sheds its skin and presents it to Mary with the words, they say, make yourself a strap or shoes.

And the chapter about balloons sparkled with sunlight and bright colors in the blue sky, and it seemed that my parents would buy me a whole bunch of balloons, and I would fly over the park, I’m small and light.

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