Волшебники старой школы

Old school wizards

Hogwarts is not the only educational institution for wizards - in Poland there is also the Academy of Pan the Blob, an eccentric professor, scientist, magician and magician.
Pan Blob can turn into a baby while he sleeps, which is also placed in a matchbox, and in the morning, with the help of an enlargement pump, he grows to normal size, takes pills for hair growth and soon becomes an adult. Pan Blob puts freckles on the noses of his students because he believes that they add intelligence and protect boys from illness. Pan Blob can fly and sit on the ceiling. But the funniest thing is that he prepares food from multi-colored glass - real, tasty food that is served to the students of the Academy.
Classes here are never boring: sometimes students are sent to neighboring fairy tales, the doors to which are located right in the school yard. Run, my friend, to the cat for boots. Or: you and you, go to the seven heroes, two of them went into the forest and did not return - quickly help find the lost and return for dinner. Geography is studied with the help of a globe ball, which is kicked while playing football, while shouting out the geographical name that is under the toe of the shoe. And sometimes the lesson takes place on the clouds.
Pan Klyaksa knows a lot of things and can do a lot of things and teaches them to talented boys whose names begin with the letter A (this is an indispensable condition for admission to the Academy). Every detail here is imbued with magic, and there are a lot of details here! Everything is described in such detail that it seems as if you yourself once visited this Academy. This is probably what happened in children’s fantasies, because everything in them is exactly like that: bright, distinct and convincing.

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