Физика в комиксах

Physics in comics

Almost like the magazine "Tram"!
I don’t know why, but I have exactly these associations. Probably because the timing coincided: this book was also published in the 90s. But now the publishing house "Oblaka" has republished two parts of "Discovering the Laws of Physics" by Lev Gendeinstein. The genre is scientific comics. Four heroes (a boy, an uncle, a dog and a parrot) find out for themselves and tell readers that the laws of physics can not only be tediously taught, but also discovered on their own, and this, firstly, is much more interesting, secondly, more understandable, and third, it is better remembered.
A book for schoolchildren, plus or minus ten years old, and for those interested, and vice versa for those who find physics difficult: everything here is so simple and clear that even the most non-physicist will see the connection between science and real life. It turns out that physics is not just about memorizing laws and formulas! Physics is the phenomena that surround us and manifest themselves every day!
Both parts - HERE

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