Пираты Ледового моря

Pirates of the Ice Sea

White-headed is a thunderstorm in the northern seas, but not because it robs ships. He is not interested in wealth, he does much worse things: he steals children. The worst nightmare has come true for two sisters, the youngest of whom was caught, and the eldest went alone in search of her.
Siri makes her way through the cold, snow, wild animals and even wilder people. Sometimes she meets kind people on her way, but more often they are dangerous and scary, and for the most part none of the adults are eager to help the lonely girl who has come along, and she has to cope with everything herself.

It’s just some kind of walking through torment: it just seems like she got out of one scrape, but no such luck, out of the frying pan and into the fire! The girl comes face to face with wolves, finds herself alone on a deserted island, she is put under lock and key, then she tries to negotiate with some thugs... And what doesn’t happen there, there are a million events...
The book is hard, cold, there is hunger here , heartlessness, poverty. There is even death here. And yet this is a book for children, the abyss will not open up here. The author comes very close to the forbidden line, but never crosses it. For example, the theme of kidnapping: children are kidnapped to work in the mines, there is no talk of anything else here. The same goes for other dangerous topics.

Such a book will impress a teenager, but will not frighten him or shake his confidence in life. The ending is good, all of us are alive (at the same time, there was no unnecessary enthusiasm and sweetness).

Well, Scandinavian literature, as usual, is at its best!

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