Прекрасный Заходер!

Wonderful Zakhoder!

Cheerful and kind!

His poems are bright and fresh.

The stories are complete and interesting. Each of them is like delicious candy and even in a beautiful wrapper. Zakhoder has an excellent command of the language, plays with words, and makes witty jokes. Morality is not emphasized, children are not taught here - first of all, they are entertained. That does not prevent these stories from being full of meaning.

In the story “Ma-Tari-Kari” it happens in Africa, a crocodile has a terrible toothache, and not only does no one want to help, but they don’t even sympathize, everyone says: “Serves you right, evil crocodile!” But a little bird flies in, puts everyone in their place and provides medical assistance to the unfortunate man. Everyone is healthy, happy and friendly! Bright colors, funny turns of phrase, a minimum of edification.

"Grunt on the Christmas Tree" is about how a pig dressed up as a child, learned to walk on two legs and went to a children's party. At first no one noticed the trick, but the piglet began to behave like... a piglet!

“Little Rusachok” is a story about forest animals. The bunny learned that when a tadpole grows up it turns into a frog, and he wondered what he himself would turn into. Little Rusachok went through the forest to find out from its inhabitants whether their life was good. He intended to become a grouse, a squirrel, an elk, and a bear, but everything was not the same. While he was walking like this, he became a big and strong hare, and what more could you want?

Contender for the honorary title of favorite book

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