Подготовка к хорошей жизни

Preparing for a good life

Life is a long journey, and you should carefully choose what to take with you and what will only get in the way along the way.
The book “What They Don’t Teach at School” captivates at first sight: large, A4 format, on coated paper, with beautiful, understandable and clear diagrams. The topics are very interesting, relevant and necessary for absolutely everyone.
The book is aimed at developing soft skills in children and adolescents. In infographic format, it talks about things like willpower, habits, critical thinking and creativity. About how to work in a team, recognize your inclinations and desires, monitor your health, how to plan things and handle money. One spread - one topic. The book teaches you to see the relationship between phenomena and consider each element as part of the whole and, conversely, decompose the whole into smaller components, forming the most objective overall picture.
If globally, this guide works towards the goal of raising a happy, well-rounded person who has found his place in this world and controls all areas of his life.
I studied every page of this book myself and gave it to my nine-year-old son. I say, look into it sometimes when you encounter a problem or an ambiguous situation. For example, you need to give a report at school, and you are worried - take the book, there is a chapter about public speaking, you will learn how to tune in and how to interest your listeners. If you quarrel with us, parents, open a spread about mutual understanding in the family.
Two months passed, the son did not touch the book - it did not work. Although during this time, of course, different things happened, and the book would help answer many questions. I was terribly sorry that so much valuable information was collecting dust on the shelf and not working for good, so I changed my tactics. Now I myself look for a section in the book that corresponds to the situation today, and ask the child to read it, then we discuss it together. It doesn’t take much time, but it seems to me that it brings a lot of benefits both in the current moment and works for the future.

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