Рыжий, как осень

Red like autumn

Mr. Fox is perfection. He is a thief and a swindler. He is smart, dexterous, fearless and elegant. He is driven by a thirst for risk and is always full of ideas.
This magnificent man has a beautiful wife, who once shared with her husband all the sorrows and joys of the bandit trade, but then gave birth to a son and calmed down. She remains a beauty, but no longer needs adrenaline and tries to restrain her husband’s impulses. Such a gorgeous couple with a past, both slender, aristocratic, reserved, just like Mr. and Mrs. Smith, and the son turned out to be a so-so fox, doesn’t look like his cool parents, doesn’t shine with talent, and also tucks his pants into his socks. They don’t reproach him, but when a cousin of the same age comes to visit, who turns out to be quite the youngster, a family conflict begins: the parents look at their nephew with interest and obvious sympathy, and the little fox becomes jealous and begins to quietly hate his brother. But this is the second storyline, it will also play out later, but the main one is here.
All his life, Mr. Fox competes with three farmers living in the neighborhood, shamelessly visits their farms, steals chickens from under their noses and drinks their cider. Two farmers are an uncouth hillbilly, and the third is a pure CIA agent, gloomy, skinny, in a raincoat and with an eternal cigarette in his teeth, he is ready to lay down his life to pin the insolent fox to his nail. We are shown real mafia showdowns. They set traps on the fox family, arrange hunts and ambushes. There are shootouts and chases, excavators and bulldozers come after foxes. And what can a family of animals oppose to this? Some things can. After all, no one knows how to dig as well as foxes! The enterprising Ostap Bender of the animal world gets away with it every time. At the same time, even being on the verge of death or at the very bottom of his life, he will never lose face and will look head and shoulders above everyone else - self-confident, calm and ironic. And with all this refinement and sophistication, Mr. Fox is by no means an egoist or a loner. He is the head of the family, its protection and support - isn’t he amazing?
A stylish and piquant cartoon for adults and children 12+ (quite reasonable age rating, in my opinion) in the ambience of autumn England.
Yes, we were talking about a cartoon, not a book.
Well, the book is also okay, but everything is a little different there. Here she is.

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