Скандинавия без хюгге

Scandinavia without hygge

A book for all mythology lovers.
The first part contains the myths of the Britons, which in itself is valuable: publications with the legends of King Arthur, translated for children, can be counted on the fingers of one hand. And at the moment I have only found two publications with interesting color illustrations, including this one.
The second part of the book is the myths of Scandinavia. Both are wonderful, exciting, actively exploited in modern art - a cultured person needs to know them, just like ancient Greek myths, for example.
As is typical for Rech, the book is superbly published: both the printing and the quality of the text and illustrations are impeccable. This rather large and heavy book is a pleasure to hold in your hands and a pleasure to read aloud: the text is foldable and well-written, the language is rich, the speech just flows - you read as if you were gliding on ice (except, however, for the names, which sometimes consist entirely of consonants: Gvrrir, Lludd, Gvlgavd). And Igor Oleinikov’s illustrations are generally masterpieces, which is also not surprising for those who are already familiar with this master. In a restrained color scheme, a little cold and prickly, they absolutely correspond to the atmosphere of the times when giants roamed the earth, knights gathered for council in gloomy stone halls, and the gods behaved like the last bandits.

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