Скандинавская сказка середины ХХ века

Scandinavian fairy tale of the mid-twentieth century

In a small town, ordinary people live and work - a baker, a milkman, a butcher, a weather forecaster - children play, music plays, and a tram runs.
Three robbers live nearby, sometimes they commit terrible crimes in the town: they steal a tram, they steal gingerbread, and once they even kidnapped an auntie so that she would clean up their house. But the aunt turned out to be feisty, called them three little pigs, forced them to wash, sweep the floor and peel potatoes. The robbers regretted a hundred times that they contacted her.
These robbers are such klutzes! No matter what they undertake, they only make people laugh; they neither want to live like human beings, nor can they really commit robbery. But it’s only at first glance that they are mediocrities, but deep down in their souls...
One day, a policeman was forced to put the trio behind bars. In prison the robbers felt comfortable, well fed and at ease. And besides, there were still people in the city who finally asked whether the robbers wanted to live an honest life. It turned out that they do! It turned out that they are musicians! It turned out that they are generally not bad guys with their own talents and dreams!
It’s just that no one has spoken to them in a nice way before. And just any person can sometimes make a mistake.

Shall we plunder?

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