Школа из прошлого

School from the past

Alyosha is a first-grader, he is the smallest among the students, for which he received the nickname Two Briefcases: he is exactly that tall. It doesn't seem to be evil, but it's offensive. And now I don’t even want to go to school, and nothing makes me happy, and loneliness has set in.
And then a puppy appears in his life - shaggy, awkward, but so cute, Shoo. His arrival was not planned, and his mother is not sure that they need this dog, so Alyosha is given one week to prove that he is able to take care of the dog on his own. Alyosha tries very hard, walks with Kysh, teaches him, all his thoughts are only about a new friend, but no one has canceled school, and combining two completely new phenomena in your life - a pet and first grade - is a difficult task, you have to maneuver. It doesn’t always work out: either the puppy smokes mischief at home, or the boy does something stupid.
And then the older guy, the housemate, began to bully, for fun, setting his huge, angry shepherd dog on Alyosha and Kysh. But a small and seemingly defenseless boy, who is only two briefcases tall, not only did not give up on the offender, but was also able to teach him a lesson - it turned out that this bully was also a petty thief: people had been missing from their neighbors’ mailboxes for a long time. magazines, and now Alyosha has found out who is carrying them. The residents of the house were very grateful to Alyosha and Kysh for bringing the dirty trickster out into the open.
However, the guy was not going to repent of what he had done, and he harbored a grudge against Alyosha. Soon Kysh disappeared without a trace...
This is a rather tense, but not a sad book, everything will end well, although it will make you worry, but not cry.
"Shoo, Two Briefcases and a Whole Week" for those who go (or don't go) to school and love dogs

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