Наука - это модно!

Science is fashionable!

They say that it is important to develop an interest in science in childhood, so that later the sparks of curiosity will flare up into a flame. The thirst for knowledge is inherent in any child, but it is very easy to miss this important stage in childhood by simply letting everything take its course: handing over a construction set and sending it to play in another room; do not read popular science literature with your child; ignore children's "why?" and leave without explanation everything that happens in the world around us.
I myself adore children's non-fiction, because the scattered knowledge that has remained in my head since school times is finally built, thanks to these encyclopedias, into a coherent picture of the world. In our childhood, there was very little such literature, there were no educational cartoons or sets for conducting experiments, and our parents had a lot of everyday worries. Maybe that’s why we first encountered science at school and immediately received information not in general terms with specific life examples, but immediately in the form of tables, formulas and numbers, and science remained something abstract and boring for many.
Fortunately, the trend “Science is fashionable!” is now clearly visible! Being smart is cool. Programming at 12 years old is the norm. Attending additional classes besides school is necessary. Conducting scientific experiments at home is a great family activity. Class! We dig up minerals from a container of plaster, watch how a lemon generates electricity, grow lavender from seeds on the windowsill, sculpt dinosaurs out of plasticine (and I can already tell a parasaurolophus from an ankylosaur!) and at the same time listen to audio encyclopedias about Chevostik. This is a really great project! There are books, CDs and a very interesting website about Chevostik www.chevostik.ru, there is a whole world of knowledge there, where you can listen to podcasts, take tests, play games, and there is also a parent’s office, where statistics about the child’s successes and interests are collected.

"Mom, you and I walk down the street like two professors!" - oh, how these words warm my soul, and one of my greatest desires is that these scientific researches of ours on the way to kindergarten or over breakfast in the kitchen, if they do not develop into a true passion and work of life, then at least help to develop a harmonious and a versatile personality with a wide range of interests.

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