Шестой класс и класс насекомых

Sixth grade and insect class

Three enthusiastic guys are very friendly, two of them are entomologists, the third is a poet. And around this company and their hobbies all other events from school life take place: tests, holidays, performances, presentations. Their classmates also join in, the circle of friends gradually grows, and now the whole class communicates warmly and everyone finds themselves.
This book is not about beetles. That is, of course, there is something about beetles here, but in their place there could be almost anything: painting, botany, crocheting... This book is, first of all, about how great it is when you have something that you really interesting. How fun it is to have a hobby, how this hobby penetrates all areas of life, makes you learn new things, communicates with people, fills your everyday life with interesting activities, inspires and lights you up.
The book has a very pleasant atmosphere: without tension, bullying, nasty teachers and students and all that that usually accompanies school life. There are, of course, conflicts and the heroes face difficulties, but everything is resolved somehow simply and sweetly, and no one suffers, and no one is offended. Everything, to use school language, is easy. It is very easy to read, has funny moments, and is suitable for both independent and shared reading with a child.
We recommend it to all schoolchildren of primary and secondary age, and even more so to insect lovers. Shall we buzz?

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