Земляника уже на столе!

Strawberries are already on the table!

You can’t find a better game for kids than “Strawberry Paths”!

Firstly, this is not a walking game, nor a card game - it has a very unusual gameplay of three short stages. The game is played quickly and, thanks to the change of activities, does not have time to get boring.

Secondly, several useful things are practiced here at once: counting, fine motor skills, concepts of right-left, more-less, plus-minus.

Thirdly, there are no losers. At the end of the game, you just need to determine who will bake the pie: grandma or grandpa (that is, third parties, not players), and everyone picks the strawberries for this pie together.

And finally, it is absolutely beautifully executed: these cute cards with bear cubs and strawberry beads are beautiful both in quality and design. They are made specifically for small hands: the cards are very thick, with rounded corners, the beads are large, with a large hole.

How to play?

First, we place a basket full of strawberries in the middle and lay out paths to it according to the number of participants (from 2 to 4).

At the first stage, participants take turns opening cards and looking at how many berries they need to take from the basket (from 0 to 5) and stringing them on their cord. It's like they make strawberry beads.

At the second stage, we put out two saucers and open other cards and see how many berries need to be removed from the string and in which saucer to put them: to the right or to the left (the bears look in different directions).

At the third stage, we compare where we got more strawberries. On the right - let grandma cook for us, on the left - today grandpa is the pastry chef!

It's time to go for strawberries

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