Солнечный север

Sunny North

The North does not let go. Only recently we wrote about Scandinavian myths, and now about Scandinavian fairy tales. Not folk - author's: Topelius, Selma Lagerlöf and other authors - Finnish, Norwegian and Swedish. Although this is not entirely correct, because Finland is not part of Scandinavia. Yes, yes, can you imagine?! Scandinavia is made up of three countries: Sweden, Norway and Denmark. Finland - no! Well, let’s not focus on terminology, it’s better to focus on fairy tales.
And fairy tales are simply a miracle: very, very magical, original and action-packed. Like detectives, they pull you into their forest and mountain northern world and don’t want to let go. Even though they came to us from the polar region, they still don’t smell cold like local mythology; on the contrary, they are permeated with sunlight, filled with the noise of the forest and bird chirping, sparkle with diamond dew and play with the bright colors of folk costumes and royal jewelry .
They sound magical pipes that enchant people, animals and spirits. A golden-horned deer gallops, a white wolf sneaks, herds of harmful hares frolic in green meadows, and in forest clearings fragrant strawberries ripen and glow from under cloudberry leaves.
But in this same beautiful world, trolls steal human cubs, arrogant elves in a forest clearing entangle uninvited guests in a web, a mysterious old woman tries to free her nose stuck in a stump (how could this happen?), a mountain king treats a lost traveler with a hot iron, and the human king almost orders everyone to be executed.
Of course, in all fairy tales, good will defeat evil, children will return to their parents, the sick will be healed, the hungry will be satisfied, and resourceful peasants will make the rich dance to their tune. And after the polar night, the long-awaited red sun will definitely rise.
Gift edition: large format, coated paper, embossed binding, a lot of illustrations. Illustrations are half the success of this book; the artist Vladimir Stakheev perfectly depicts people, animals, landscapes, all kinds of evil spirits, outfits, and ornaments.

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