Самая страшная кругосветка

The most terrible trip around the world

Oooh! Who should be afraid?
Remember the green fingers, the black sheet, the red hand, the coffin on wheels? How sweet it was to be afraid when, in camp at night, in a tent on a hike, or visiting friends under the cover of darkness, we told each other these ominous stories! They were also published in the Pioneer magazine.
Have you caught the psychedelic newspaper “Speed ​​Info”, in which tales about how some photographer photographed a vampire in the crown of a tree, and then fought him off with a camera, were passed off as real stories?
Nowadays there are no such treasures of press for teenagers, but what a good book they published!
In this unusual collection, those who like to tickle their nerves will find the most chilling fairy tales of the peoples of the world, including Russian ones (including the same “Vasilisa the Beautiful”, for which Bilibin drew extremely creepy illustrations). And all the other horror stories were new to me personally; as a child I would definitely have liked this.
"The scariest trip around the world: 50 horror films from around the world" - HERE

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