Мир прекрасен, потому что он разнообразен

The world is beautiful because it is diverse

In our beautiful world there is a place for icebergs and cheerleading, knights of the round table and churchkhela, rainbow eucalyptus and gunpowder, the Salvador Dali Theater-Museum and Pamukkale.

Do you want to make a million wonderful discoveries together with your child?

- Meet the most interesting inhabitants of our planet,

- visit natural attractions and admire the work of human hands,

- taste the cuisine of different nations,

- get to know different sports, holidays, cultural phenomena, civilizations?

I'm sure yes, because there is nothing more interesting than discovering the world!

The Tour of Cultures game can be played in two ways:

  1. You can compete to see who can quickly find the concept that appears on the card on the map. And the card, in turn, can be laid out with the colored side (a simpler option) or black and white (for advanced players).
  2. You can only play with cards, without a field. In this version, you have to explain words verbally or with gestures (the method is indicated on the card)

You can play this game starting from 4-5 years old, but, as practice shows, there is no upper age limit: all ages are submissive to games to explain words. What are klomps, Olmec heads, a museum of underwater sculptures, hot pot - surely adults will also broaden their horizons a little, huh? ;)

If the child is still young enough, choose only the simplest cards, and add the rest as he gets acquainted with the world around him.

Let's go on an educational journey.

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