Ahhhh, who are fixies - a big, big secret! Everyone loves fixies, but not everyone is familiar with the original source. Did you know that little people living in electrical appliances were invented by Eduard Uspensky, only in the book they are called “warranty”. Simka and Nolik are not here, and you won’t find the rest of the characters you know from the cartoon here, but there are other nice guys: Ivan Ivanovich Bure, Kholodilin, Vacuum Cleaner, Moscow Speaks - guess who lives in which device;) They are at war with mice and hide from the girl Tanya, otherwise she “will put her to bed, carry her in a stroller, feed her sand cakes, bandage her, smear her with brilliant green, take her temperature from morning to evening!” In general, a very fascinating plot and humor very characteristic of Uspensky))

Life hack: there is an audiobook wonderfully performed by Alexei Shishigin and Yulia Mironova. They read in such a way that even at the tenth audition we laughed like we did the first time. Light musical accompaniment completes the picture.

And for those who have finished reading, here is some more food for thought! Fixies: Simka, Nolik, Shpulya, Fire, Igrek, Verta. Smeshariki: Krosh, Hedgehog, Nyusha, Barash, Sovunya, Kopatych, etc., a total of 9 main characters. Rescue puppies: 7 puppies. The list goes on... Do you know why there are so many characters in cartoons now? Because not only cartoons themselves, but also licenses/franchises bring big profits to studios, i.e. It’s very profitable to sell all sorts of toys and souvenirs with your favorite characters, but everyone knows how children love to collect a complete collection of anything! After all, it is absolutely impossible to buy just one, for example, Paulie Robocar and ignore his friends, so when you buy one, you automatically agree to all the others...

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