К далеким берегам

To distant shores

It is difficult to find a yellow woodpecker in a green jungle, especially if it is not there.
Yes, the woodpecker has nothing to do with it at all, the book is about a brother and sister who play very hard and just came up with the name of their company (that’s what everyone probably did in childhood, right?). We played in the courtyards, in the fields, in the forests, but here they are playing in the jungle. We went into the forest to pick mushrooms and berries, and they went to jabuticabu and jaguars.
But in general, everything is the same as in any childhood: play occupies such an important place in life, it is so tightly woven into reality that sometimes you can’t tell them apart. My child (7 years old) and I read this book together and even got into an argument. In addition to brother and sister, the Order of the Yellow Woodpecker also consists of a doll, a real pig, and a fake count made of corn and sticks. So our opinions were divided: I tell my son that these children play as if (kabutta) all these things came to life; and my son thinks that I’m already peek-a-boo, because these things really came to life, that’s obvious.
One way or another, they play so excitingly that you want to join them (especially since you also really want to go to Brazil). They celebrate a wedding there, and end up in an underwater kingdom (and then, on the contrary, the underwater kingdom ends up at their home), and the heroes of fairy tales come to them for tea (including Bluebeard!), and wage a defensive war against the rhinoceros (yes, yes, the real thing, in Brazil this is all the time), for this they dig in on their site and even lay a telephone line 100 meters long.
There is a lot of non-standard humor in this story. While reading, I stopped every now and then, my son and I looked at each other in bewilderment, and then began to laugh together.
Here, for example, is a description of the wedding of the doll Emilia and the pig Rabiko:
"Pedrinho set the festive table under the orange tree in the garden and seated the guests: there were Donna Benta, Aunt Nastasia and Emilia's relatives, represented by various pebbles, fragments of tiles and lumps of bread. They also invited an old relative of Donna Benta, who sometimes came from the city, but since he did not come today, they put a stick on the chair instead. Here are the bride and groom. Emilia is wearing a white dress and a tulle veil; Rabiko wearing a hat and a silk bow around his neck. At first he was serious, but when he approached the table and saw that there was something to eat here, he became very nervous. The nose hugged Emilia and gave her a ring, and Pedrinho put an orange peel wedding ring on the marquise's foot, which Rabicot twice tried to eat."
Will I see Brazil before I'm old? I'll see!

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