Трогательные истории для дошкольников

Touching stories for preschoolers

This is a rarity before us.
Russian-language books on ecology for children are not often found. And here are two at once and with what illustrations!
Let's be honest, the illustrations here generally come first, and the text is secondary. The first book tells about the little whale Gerda, who lost her parents due to the fault of people, about her journey across the world's oceans, about man's responsibility to nature, about the interconnection of all living things. Despite the simple text, this is not a dummy book: thanks to it, a child, perhaps for the first time, will think not only about caring for nature, but also about what it is like to be left without parents, how much the life of any creature means, and how fragile life is thing.
The second book is about Gerda and her brother, the whales swim into the cold seas, towards the northern lights - and what beauty is happening around!
Touching stories for preschoolers about whales and other sea inhabitants - HERE

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