Путешествуем с ветром

Traveling with the wind

Distant, unknown countries, icebergs and volcanoes...
What could be better than travel, right? The girl Asta invites you to fly, she lives in St. Petersburg and has the wonderful ability to travel with the wind, let's fly!
We will visit Japan, Africa, America, Brazil, India, see the sights, communicate with people and along the way learn something else that has nothing to do with geography. For example, safety rules and behavior in unexpected situations.
And we’ll fly around Russia in the next book, visiting Baikal, the Golden Ring, the Urals, Mother Volga with its big cities.
It’s great to read such books for a long time, one chapter at a time, stopping and explaining, bringing in additional materials, for example, photographs of places, atlases, flags. The books have sections with questions; these questions are not simple, requiring a detailed answer or dialogue. It turns out to be a full-fledged geography lesson in fairy tales!
Books about Astu- HERE

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