Ну, начинается!

Well, it begins!

Something has happened to my memory. I remember everything that was not with me...
I was born in the eighties, and I did not see any separate education in schools, no classes of 40 people, or even desks with lids and inkwells. But for some reason, children's books written in the middle of the last century seem so familiar, as if I myself lived in that reality and saw all the described signs of the times with my own eyes. Does this happen to you?
So the book about the sweet and spontaneous girl Marusya brings back memories that actually did not exist. But there were films, there were stories from parents, there were other books about this time - all this probably formed the feeling of belonging to that atmosphere.
They say that only a full holder of three orders - the October star, the pioneer badge "Be prepared!" and the Komsomol badge "VLKSM" - has the right to talk about life in the USSR. This is true! Well, you can get acquainted with history, get acquainted with how your peers, first-graders, lived 50-70 years ago, by reading the light book “First-Grader” by Evgeniy Schwartz. It is easy to read, there is no ideology, there are funny moments and an edifying element, of course.

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