Ай да Ершов!

Oh yes Ershov!

One of the main hoaxes in the history of Russian literature is connected with "The Little Humpbacked Horse": allegedly, it was not Ershov who wrote it at all, but Pushkin himself, but agreed with Ershov, wanting to receive unaccounted income for personal needs. And Ershov didn’t have a draft... And supposedly Pushkin kept this book not with the letter E, but on some special shelf dedicated to various literary mysteries...

Remember this interesting detail when reading a fairy tale to your child and make up your mind - and it seems to us that these conversations did not arise from scratch at all.

And two more great masters:
Oleg Anofriev, who reads this fairy tale superbly. Listen, you will definitely like it!

And Nikolai Kochergin, whose illustrations adorn this edition.
By the way, the edition is a gift, enlarged format, on tinted heavy paper, with a fabric spine.

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