Анне-Катрине Вестли: папа, мама, восемь детей, грузовик, Щепкин и Гюро

Anne-Katrina Westley: father, mother, eight children, a truck, Shchepkin and Guro

There are books that everyone should read as a child. Among them are books by the famous Norwegian writer ANNE-KATRINA VESTLI (1920–2008). At home, her name is known to everyone, and her popularity in Europe can only be compared with the popularity of Astrid Lindgren. In more than half a century of literary creativity, Westley has written 56 books and received the honorary title of Grandmother of all Norway.

Her most famous book is "Dad, Mom, Eight Kids and a Truck" about a family with eight children living in a small apartment in Oslo. The most famous, but far from the only one. In addition to "Eight Children", she also has "Shchepkin and the treacherous girls" and "Meet Gyuro!". Both of them open a whole series: Shchepkin is about a little boy and his best friend, a little man made of wood, and the second is about a little cheerful girl named Gyuro.

All of Westley's books have a common social component: they tell the stories of poor families with all their housing, financial and domestic difficulties, some of the characters live in single-parent families, parents work in non-prestigious jobs, children are often left to their own devices.

Still, there is no bitterness in the books, but there is a feeling that a beautiful house and expensive toys are not the main thing for a child, the atmosphere of comfort and care in which happy children grow up is much more important.

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